Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Artists' Emporium

We are so honored!
Stampington & Company has included
Life Through Art Foundation
as one of their select charities.
When you purchase a piece of original handmade art from the
a portion will be donated to one of the select charities.
Life Through Art Foundation exists to fund the arts for under privileged children.
Thank you to the artist who have offered their art for this cause.
Dawn Edmonson

(How perfect this quilt piece is since LTAF is a RED Unbrella organization.)
Rebecca Sower
Pat Berryhill
Lisa Bebi
Jeri Walter
Lori Oles
Linda Trenholm
Corrine Clark
Lilla Le Vine
Cara L Johnson
Diana Frey
Joy Jones
Stephanie Kimura
Stephanie Gorman
Deryn Mentock
Sherry Klein
Pat Winter
Thank you artists for living your Life Through Art!
It's for the kids!