Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Artists' Emporium

We are so honored!
Stampington & Company has included
Life Through Art Foundation
as one of their select charities.
When you purchase a piece of original handmade art from the
a portion will be donated to one of the select charities.
Life Through Art Foundation exists to fund the arts for under privileged children.
Thank you to the artist who have offered their art for this cause.
Dawn Edmonson

(How perfect this quilt piece is since LTAF is a RED Unbrella organization.)
Rebecca Sower
Pat Berryhill
Lisa Bebi
Jeri Walter
Lori Oles
Linda Trenholm
Corrine Clark
Lilla Le Vine
Cara L Johnson
Diana Frey
Joy Jones
Stephanie Kimura
Stephanie Gorman
Deryn Mentock
Sherry Klein
Pat Winter
Thank you artists for living your Life Through Art!
It's for the kids!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shelagh Duffett

I first found Shelagh Duffett on etsy.
I loved her photography, bold and simple designs.

Then I found out she also paints!
Again bold and simple designs.

From her profile:
"My name is Shelagh Duffett and I am a photographer, painter and dreamer! I live in the wonderful province of Nova Scotia surrounded by salty air and blue water. I paint almost daily."

You can see more of Shelagh's work here on her blog.

Thank you, Shelagh Duffett for living your Life Through Art for us to enjoy!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jen Stark

Jen Stark creates with multiple layers of colored paper.

Cut, layered and rolled to create what looks like dimensional flowers.

This video says it all. It's a great interview with Jen.

Thank you Jen for living your Life Through Art and allowing us to share in it with you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Todd Selby

Have you seen it? Are you on the subscription list? Once a week I get a notification that Todd Selby has once again photographed, interviewed and creatively illustrated someone living their life through art!

Bob Bruno, photo by Todd Selby
The photography speaks volumes.

Jacques Grange photo by Todd Selby

Scott Campbell, photo by Todd Selby
Todd has a way of reaching a deep emotional response out of his animate subjects and causes us to have a richer emotional reaction to his inanimate subjects.
Dustin Yellen photo by Todd Selby

Dustin Yellen, photo by Todd Selby
His photos are simple, yet well thought out. Giving the viewer an intimate look into the lives of the artist.
Olaf Breuningwide, photo by Todd Selby
Go take a look and see how this artist, Todd Selby, lives his life through art while featuring others who do also!
Note to Todd: I would like to thank you for allowing Life Through Art Foundation to feature you on our blog.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

OWOH Winner

The winner of the Burton Morris art Tee is....
Thank you Lisa Swifka for hosting this great event!
To these women and everyone else who stopped by and commented , we would like to say, thank you, for living your Life Through Art!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

by Jenny Doh

Did you see this?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

RED Party January 31, 2009

The RED PartY was held on January 31 in Hollywood, California at the Petersen Auto Museum.
Life Through Art Foundation hosts this once a year event to honor someone who has dedicated their life to art while hosting a fundraiser to continue exposing under privileged children to the arts.
Jeff Brooks, president of the foundation announced that just the night before the party LTAF had bused inner city kids to a live performance of Peter Pan. Hosting a backstage tour and meeting the actors. These were kids that had NEVER experienced theatre before.

The Life Through Art Foundation has a goal to reach 10,000 kids in 2009.

Jeffery Brooks, president LTAF
The team that put this together was great. Kristopher Kelly, a man of energy and enthusiasm, Jennifer Bobbiewash, the most organized woman I have ever met, Ford Englerth, lighting extraordinaire, myself Terisa Brooks- Huddleston, and Jeffery Brooks, the visionary that can successfully rally people together to serve kids.
The enormous tent was transformed into RED.

This view is looking at the silent auction area where RED artists from all over the world donated items to be auctioned off. Included in the action was a host of goods and services. Everything from a trip to Hawaii, dinner in the caves at Bure Family Vineyard in Napa Valley, to signed scripts and clown services!

Red lightning, red fabric, red decor and red art!

Jenny Doh, Editor-in-Chief & Director of Publishing Stampington & Company. was the honoree.
This is her giving an amazing speech .
As she expressed with great eloquence,

"Art saves".

It was Jenny's birthday as well as, Glam-Ma's that evening.

To all the RED Artists your work was featured on a calender that was handed out at the event.
Your talents and your willingness to share your art with this foundation has allowed more children to be able to learn to live their Life Through Art.
Please see the RED Artist blog roll for links to all the participating artists and many artist profiles. Stop by their sites and tell them how much you appreciate their sharing their talents for such a worthy cause.
Just like Jenny said,
"Art saves!"

Here are some photos of the entertainment, Sara Niemietz

Thomas Ian Nicholas

and Jackson Cook

Ths Silk Sisters

Now go

Live Life and Dream Always

Jeffery Brooks

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Monday, January 19, 2009

One World~One Heart

Artist Burton Morris gained recognition with his distinctive style portraying everyday objects and recreating them into pop culture icons. His bold black lines, filled with bright solid color is reminiscent of comic book style.

Morris' artwork first gained national attention when it was chosen to hang in the coffee shop set of the hit TV series "Friends". His artwork has gone on the to be selected for such prestigious events as the 76th Academy Awards, 2004 Summer Olympics, 2006 Major League Baseball All Star game and

Life Through Art Foundation, RED Party!

Burton donated his art for the invitations but also donated this well known "Popcorn" print on canvas in black and white. LTAF staff took it to the kids in the LA inner city where the children painted half the canvas. They then trekked the canvases off to the stars who completed them. The finale was a collaborative piece of art painted and signed by such actors as Brooke Shields, Dakota Fanning and the kids.

For One World~ One Heart, LTAF would like to give away printed tees with this incredible silk screened art icon Burton Morris has done for
Life Through Art Foundation.

Leave a comment and this "art bug" printed in red on a white Tee could be yours! Drawing February 12th.

Click and check out the RED Party

January 31, 2009 in Hollywood California

Jenny Doh

Editor-in-Chief & Director of PublishingStampington & Company

is one of this years honorees

Saturday, January 17, 2009

RED Party January 31, 2009

RED Party
is just around the corner.

This year's extravaganza will be held at
the Petersen Auto museum
in Hollywood, California on
January 31, 2009.

Red automobiles, red carpet,
red art, red staging and red attire.
Remember it's all for the kids!
Let them learn to live their
Life Through Art
Honorees for the 5th Annual Red Party
Warren Boyd
Executive Producer
The Cleaner

Jenny Doh
Editor-in-Chief & Director of PublishingStampington & Company
To purchase tickets contact 818-503-5820

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The RED Party

Life Through Art Foundation Announcement
Honorees for the 5th Annual Red Party
Warren Boyd
Executive Producer
The Cleaner
Jenny Doh
Editor-in-Chief & Director of PublishingStampington & Company
To purchase tickets contact 818-503-5820

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Agnes Saaby Thomsen

Agnes Saaby Thomsen:
"I'm 12 years old, and I love to write and take pictures. I want to be a writer..."

At just twelve years old Agnes has already found what many of us look for:

How to live Life Through Art!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Kenneth Roueau

Synchronicity 313 is the name given to the various artistic endeavours of Kenneth Rougeau, a 32 year old artist, poet & musician who currently resides in Portland, Oregon with his girlfriend Charlotte Self (a talented artist & fashion designer) & her son (aspiring artist) Dylan Self.

I first spotted Miss Secretary and was inspired by the creative use of images and of course the umbrella. Looking further into Kenneth's art I found this wonderful tribute to Alice.

Kenneth Rougeau, artist, poet, musician, you truly live your Life Through Art.

See more of Kenneth's work on Flickr and Etsy.