Thursday, November 27, 2008

The RED Art Project 2009

The RED Party date
has been changed to
January 31, 2009.
Mark your calenders.

The Red Party, a fundraiser for Life Through Art Foundation is a great event that raises monies to support educational opportunities in the arts for young students. Each year the event honors someone who has lived their Life Through Art.....well, this years honoree is going to be Jenny Doh, Editor-in-Chief and Director of Publishing for Somerset Studio, Belle Armoire, and 29 fabulous sister publications!

Artists from all across the country as well as Canada and Italy have donated beautiful pieces of art for the auction. Here are some photos of the incredible art that arrived.

"The Balancer" by Lisa Swifka

"Gisha" by Jaci Brooks

"Born to Shop" by Keri Joy Comstock

"Seeing the First Rain" by Kamila Mlynaruzyk

"Chinese Grandmas of Tai Tam Reservoir Rd" by Karen Harvey Cox

"If You Want To Be Happy. Be." by Monica Magness

"It's Raining" by Michelle Walker

"Fish" by Juanita Rivas Raymer

"It's Raining Cats In A Dogs World...Do Your Own Art Thing Too!" by Susan Bartolucci

"Singing In The Rain" by Sammy Stafney

"Spirit Doll" by Griselda Tello

"The Smile Of The Children" by Stefania Morgante

"Patroness Saint of Artists: Saint Catherine of Bologna" by Tara Smith
To all the Artists,

Because you have chosen to live your life through art you are helping support a child who has not had the opportunity to experience the arts. Some of these children have never had color crayons, many have never seen a theater performance. Because of your graciousness your art will not only enhance the visual life of the person who is fortunate enough to purchase your piece, but will give art opportunities to the kids. For that, I am extremely humbled and grateful.

Thank you.

Update on the calenders as soon as I hear.....

More RED Art Project 2009

RED Art Project 2009

Change the date on your calender to January 31, 2009.

"My Hero" by Amy Short

"The rain played a tune, it called her name..." by Vanessa Valencia

"The Carnival Follies Symphony of Magic" by Lisa Kettell

"Tweet" by Cinda Rae Oliverio

"Under the Floral Umbrella" by Jana Nielson

"Walking In the Rain" by Debbie George

"A Nest Egg for a Rainy Day" by Marilyn Radzat

"Joy" by Renea Hipp

"Red Bear" by Viv Neroni

"Give More" by Amber Dawn

"Dice" by Amber Dawn

"Freida" by Amber Dawn

Amazing art!

A huge "Thank you" to all the artists. I still can't believe the talented women who have stepped forward to participate. Your art is truly incredible and very much appreciated.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

RED Art Project Artist:Viv On A Whim

Vivian...aka, Viv Out On A Whim is an artist who
lives her Life Through Art by creating whimsical miniature stuffed animals.

Her tiny hand sewn creations burst with the love that is put into them.

Viv says,
"I'm an obsessed artist of sorts.. I love to create things.. I make bears and dolls and anything else that I become obsessed with at the time! "
Vivian lives her Life Through Art

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Amber Dawn's Inventive Soul

What a perfect name for her. Amber is one of the most introspective artists that I have come across. Her art and blog host a deep intensity and passion for life.

Amber writes:
"I believe in continual forgiveness.
As well as a continual repentance.
I believe in continual introspection.
I believe in continual prayer.
I believe in believing."
Amber Dawn lives her Life Through Art

Monday, November 3, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Girl Gone Thread Wild

Monica Magness at Girl Gone Thread Wild refers to herself as a, "perpetual thread feeder".

"Self-taught textile & doll artist residing in Madison, AL. Believer in the recycled object, especially fabrics."

"Doll art pulls at my heart strings mostly, but discovering new ways to engage in fabric storytelling is a true passion. "

"I'm a doll artist/fabric artist who enjoys stitching her way through art dolls, ATCs, and collage. I'm most interested in recycling fabric scraps, erupting characters in cloth and incorporating a bead or two into my art. I opt for the whimsical, zany world of expression. I welcome you to step foot into my world, let's make ART! "

Monica most recently organized the arts community and engaged them into an arts challenge that had over 180 artists participating. Monica then stitched the 2"x 2" squares together and created this amazing doll that raised over $3,000. for the Susan G Komen foundation for cancer awareness.
creates and gives back, as she lives her
Life Through Art.