Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Sammystuff

Sammystuff is one of the blogs that jump right out at you. Her detailed fiber art is always over the top. I have been fortunate now to have met and spent time with Sammy. I can call her my friend.....and I can truly tell you, as she lives her Life Through Art she also wants to share her love for it with others.

Sammy writes:
"I love to be around active people whose mind loves to explore new journeys.. at the age I am at, I feel a deep sense of really being what I am meant to be.. crazy clothes, not everything perfect in my home and just enjoying each day that my Lord has given me... I would love to find away to use my art in God's work. I know he will open the right doors for me..."

Monday, October 27, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Wooded Woods

Kamila, at Wooded Woods contacted Life Through Art and offered her talent to the RED Art Project. I just got a sneak peak at the piece she is submitting to the auction and it is truely wonderful!

Kamila writes:
"Making dolls, to me, is the natural progression of being dissatisfied with just drawing. I have spent my childhood and education drawing, hearing about, earning a degree from and living art, mostly whimsical and sometimes "a-little-out-there" illustration. After realizing that I would never be happy leaving my characters on the page, and tending to enjoy the doodles and the process more then the finished polished work, I let them out.
I have been happily sculpting for a while now and love to see my techniques improve and fingers grow more nimble with every doll I give life to. I love to gather inspiration by searching out talented artists and have spent a king's ransom on fabrics, nicknacks and treasures I find, everything has a place and plan. What I plan to sculpt and what decides to come out are usually two very different things, but not for lack of trying. Things just have a way of coming out by themselves, as if they are preexisting and just choosing to come out at the very moment I pick up a lump of clay."

You can see more of Kamila's work at Wooded Woods and see how she lives her Life Through Art.

Friday, October 24, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Amy Short

I found Amy Short while browsing through the Etsy Stores. I was taken by her illustrative innocence that she captures in her drawings. Her work just seemed to speak to what Life Through Art Foundation is all about...Children. I asked her is she would participate in the RED Art Project and without hesitation she responded, "YES".

Amy writes,
"I was born and raised in Central New York. My parents made sure I was always exposed to the arts, be it through museums, theatre, etc. I have fond memories as a child playing with clay in a big warehouse studio with my older brother while my mother completed her pieces. I think that it was from that point on that I was hooked."

"Since becoming a mother my art has changed even further through observing the innocence of my children, listening to their conversations, and just by laughing and playing with them. I no longer take life as seriously as I once did."

Amy Short, another artist living her Life Through Art.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: A Whimsical Bohemian

"Art is like breathing! Tap into your inner child - playing, imagining, creating.......at any age those are the works that keep your internal engine running. Live - laugh - love. Create Art! Create Joy! I live by all of it! ...."

" .... I am laughter and hydrangea and garden gates and secret stories and cupcakes and crying and lemon water and whispers and exclamation. I am enchanted and bubbles and magic wands and frivolous. I am dappled forest and glistening stream and rocks and colored glass and pretty boxes and beaded trim and crowns and Queens and ballet...."

"I am turquoise blue and lime green and fuchsia and royal purple and orange peel. I am thinker and mindless and intuitive and scared."

" I am Lisa.
I AM AN ARTIST, my calling, my passion, my lifelong blood and my every breath.

Lisa says it all in her quote...she lives her
Life Through Art!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Debb's Gathering Place

From the Hills of Williams Indiana,
comes the artist Debbi George of

Debb shows her artistic versatility in the variety of mediums she works in.

"I'm a self taught folk artist, working in paper mache , paper clay and cloth, creating one of a kind pieces. I love vintage Halloween and Christmas."
Debb is an artist who had graciously donated to the RED Art Project and lives her Life Through Art.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: A Scrapbook of Inspiration

Some of the RED Art Project pieces have begun to arrive in the mail. Amazing and talented artists have stepped forward and said they would participate to help raise funds for the kids.

One of the first to arrive was from Karen Harvey Cox, A Scrapbook of Inspiration. I met Karen and her generous spirit about 8 months ago.

"I have been an artist ever since I could hold a crayon. In 1983 I started
watercolor painting, in 1992 moved to Hong Kong and showed my work at the Hong Kong Visual Art Center with a group called Artists Abroad. I was creating and selling paintings and designer mirrors for five years.

In 1998 I moved to Toronto and studied other mediums. My years in Asia and Canada gave me an opportunity to work with all kinds of paper for my mixed media creations. In 2002 I moved to New England and started oil painting.My work is an expression of my love for mixed media and painting. "

Karen Harvey Cox is an artist who has offered her talent to the RED Art Project this year as she lives her Life Through Art.

Friday, October 17, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Pocket Full of Pretty's

Some artists that blog have such a simple and transparent way about themselves.
Their life, open and honest is reflected in their art.

They step out and have a willingness to participate in enriching the lives of others. Such is the way with Renea, at Pocket Full of Pretty's.

Renea writes,
"My name is Renea Hipp. I am a self taught mixed media artist. My wonderful friend Les showed me how to use gel medium about 2 years ago & the rest is history. I hope you enjoy looking at my work. "
Thank you, Renea

See, simple, sweet and to the point.

Renea continues to live her Life Through Art

and shares her work with other causes like the RED Art Project for LTAF

and The Pink Artist.

( Purse donated to The Pink Artist for breast cancer awareness)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Gufobardo

When the call went out for artists to participate in the RED Art Project, I had no idea such highly acclaimed and talented artist would emerge.
"My name is Stefania Morgante and my job is also my passion."
I’ve studied at the Artistic Liceo of Lecce, then I went to the University of Bologna, DAMS, where I took my bachelor in
Teoria delle forme
(theories of Shapes) in 1992.
After University I collaborated with the cultural page of some newspapers. I took care of the public relationships for some theaters. I’ve also taught Drawing and Art history in the secondary schools and in some courses about tourism.
Then I decided to reflect and I asked myself: what do I want to do? This is how my activity was born, it joins fantasy, technology and the tradition of the artistic creation with the desire of realizing my dreams."

Stefania lives her Life Through Art in a variety of mediums.

You can see more of her art at Gufobardo.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Faerie Enchantment

Who can produce such a versatile slate of work, always having a child's spirit at heart?

Faerie Enchantment by artist Lisa Kettell that's who!

Lisa is an artist, photographer, instructor and author. Her work is always whimsical, enchanting and magical.

"The whole look of Frosted cupcakes and twinkling paper sprinkled with tarnished silver is so magical and enchanting, anything odd and out of the ordinary has mystery surrounding it and I love to learn about those curious things, waiting for me to either find them or create them."

Lisa, a participating artist for the RED Art Project 2008 definitely lives her Life Through Art

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Marilyn Radzat

An amazing artist participating in the RED Art Project.

The Fantasy Art of Marilyn Radzat

"I am often called a Curator of Enchantment. I feel that Enchantment offers, in her very essence, inspiration. It is that serendipitous coming together of the unexpected . . . a tiny orange mushroom on the forest floor, a circle of young redwood trees forming a cathedral space, a flash of silk caught by a branch . . . I believe in Enchantment in her highest form. Not as an escape from reality, but as a window into what is possible in that fertile and complex world of imagination."

Marilyn Radzat lives her Life Through Art.

RED Art Project Artist: 3rd Eye Muse

"I am a breather, a be-er, a lover, a friend, a bee in a hive that dances and dreams, a maker of things ... and so much more."

One of the talented artists who is creating for the RED Art Project.

Michelle' at 3rd Eye Muse lives her Life Through Art.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Tinsell and Whimsey

Sue, at Tinsell and Whimsy is an artist who's life is all about art. She is one of those people who I have the pleasure of knowing and can truly say that she lives her Life Through Art. Every thought, every action, every story is connected to her creative muse.......a clown!
Sue's story:
I create one-of-a-kind folk art ........always with a pun! You can literally see my fingerprints on everything I make.

For me the journey of creating art is almost more important than the resulting art. I am most always on a new journey somewhere, usually without any preconceived notions of where I am going. To forget any artistic techniques I have learned and to make mistakes is my freedom in creation.

By day and sometimes at night too, I help at our family winery Madonna estate doing art related projects, such as labels, etc., and whatever else is needed. I like to work on my personal creations into the night from about 11:00pm until about 3:00am. I find this time to be my most creatively inspired. I love all manner of junk, found objects, and oddities, and I am absolutely, passionately, wild about creating the art of Halloween.

You can see more of Sue's art on her blog at: Tinsell and Whimsy