Thursday, February 19, 2009

Todd Selby

Have you seen it? Are you on the subscription list? Once a week I get a notification that Todd Selby has once again photographed, interviewed and creatively illustrated someone living their life through art!

Bob Bruno, photo by Todd Selby
The photography speaks volumes.

Jacques Grange photo by Todd Selby

Scott Campbell, photo by Todd Selby
Todd has a way of reaching a deep emotional response out of his animate subjects and causes us to have a richer emotional reaction to his inanimate subjects.
Dustin Yellen photo by Todd Selby

Dustin Yellen, photo by Todd Selby
His photos are simple, yet well thought out. Giving the viewer an intimate look into the lives of the artist.
Olaf Breuningwide, photo by Todd Selby
Go take a look and see how this artist, Todd Selby, lives his life through art while featuring others who do also!
Note to Todd: I would like to thank you for allowing Life Through Art Foundation to feature you on our blog.

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3rdEyeMuse said...

fantastic portraits! thanks for the link. :)