Saturday, November 8, 2008

RED Art Project Artist:Viv On A Whim

Vivian...aka, Viv Out On A Whim is an artist who
lives her Life Through Art by creating whimsical miniature stuffed animals.

Her tiny hand sewn creations burst with the love that is put into them.

Viv says,
"I'm an obsessed artist of sorts.. I love to create things.. I make bears and dolls and anything else that I become obsessed with at the time! "
Vivian lives her Life Through Art


Michelle said...

These are so wonderful! I love the ostrich and the monkey :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

each and everyone makes my smile grow a little more!

Rosanna said...

This is a wonderful thing you are all doing. I wish I would have heard about this earlier I would have loved to donate a piece. Keep me in mind for the future and keep up the wonderful job. I wish great success to everyone involved.

vivian said...

hi terisa, I didnt even know you had posted about me! thank you! I love all the artwork that you collected! how wonderful!