Friday, December 26, 2008

Kenneth Roueau

Synchronicity 313 is the name given to the various artistic endeavours of Kenneth Rougeau, a 32 year old artist, poet & musician who currently resides in Portland, Oregon with his girlfriend Charlotte Self (a talented artist & fashion designer) & her son (aspiring artist) Dylan Self.

I first spotted Miss Secretary and was inspired by the creative use of images and of course the umbrella. Looking further into Kenneth's art I found this wonderful tribute to Alice.

Kenneth Rougeau, artist, poet, musician, you truly live your Life Through Art.

See more of Kenneth's work on Flickr and Etsy.


3rdEyeMuse said...

wildly wonderful! thanks for the links. :)

KpR² said...

Thank you so much! I'm truly honored.

The Wonderland images were my first attempts & I'm thrilled that they came out so well - even moreso with the warm reception the images received from the world at large. I'm presently working on a full set of illustrations for Through The Looking Glass & am always toying with one idea or another ;)

Miss Secretary is part of an ongoing series of anthropomorphic images. Of the set, she's the only one (so far) that's in color and, along with Dandy Lions, she's one of my favorites in the series.

Thanks again for the wonderful writeup!!

Kenneth Rougeau said...

This is just a quick note for anyone who's interested. My shop has moved and can now be found at - Thanks for your support!