Wednesday, October 1, 2008

RED Project Artist: Wall Dancer

I am so impressed by artists I find here in blogland. I have decided to start sharing some of them with you. We all need art and some have figured out how to live their Life Through Art.

Here is Keri's story.
I began the "Wall Dancers" in February 2003. After 15 years of being a Senior Designer, I lost my "passion" for my art. Just when I said "No Mas!" and "I knew' where my life was going (silly me!) - Our Higher Power decided to display a sense of humor and I've been 'along for the ride' ever since!I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in February 2002 that kept me literally bed-bound.
In 2003, the first dolls were actually made in bed with me in my jammies! I was told by all of my doctors that "these were impossible to do" because of my late diagnosis I was a MESS! I was literally crawling, could not focus or see well & I was forever in a brain-fog & in a state of confusion. Apparently a little bit of spirit that was left inside of me was strong enough where I chose to try not to think sick. I kept myself busy so my illness did not totally dictate my life anymore & regained my self-respect back.

I have now sold 1,000 dolls-woo-hoo! Now 7 years later it still is a battle I take on with a smile! And every year at Christmas my docs & nurses who are now dear friends all receive their dolls and love them!

I know after infusing along side of 2 year old cancer patients how truly blessed I am. These lil angels were not going to have their lives to live - and there I sat knowing I have a BEAUTIFUL family that I adore and how lucky I am.

I feel that "everything does happen for a reason' and I 'accept' that I am 'exactly where I am supposed to be today. I have learned MANY lessons and have met some of the greatest people on this adventure so I enjoy my 'ride' with a smile.

You can find more of Keri's art at:
Kerijoy etsy
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(info was taken from Walldancers blog spot)

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3rdEyeMuse said...

what an amazing story and an even more amazing spirit!