Friday, October 17, 2008

RED Art Project Artist: Pocket Full of Pretty's

Some artists that blog have such a simple and transparent way about themselves.
Their life, open and honest is reflected in their art.

They step out and have a willingness to participate in enriching the lives of others. Such is the way with Renea, at Pocket Full of Pretty's.

Renea writes,
"My name is Renea Hipp. I am a self taught mixed media artist. My wonderful friend Les showed me how to use gel medium about 2 years ago & the rest is history. I hope you enjoy looking at my work. "
Thank you, Renea

See, simple, sweet and to the point.

Renea continues to live her Life Through Art

and shares her work with other causes like the RED Art Project for LTAF

and The Pink Artist.

( Purse donated to The Pink Artist for breast cancer awareness)

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3rdEyeMuse said...

that wand has me twittering with deliight!